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Eleven + Love is Project Collaboration
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We collaborated with the Love Is Project and were inspired by "The original LOVE" bracelet that created a social movement around the world.  Every purchase creates a sustainable livelihood for thousands of Maasai women and their families.

  • Handmade with LOVE by female artisans in Kenya
  • Waterproof
  • Customize the length (from 6”-10”) with an easy pull-tie closure
  • Giftable packaging includes a protective cloth pouch, gift tag, and sticker
  • Bracelets are handmade and 100% unique, so you may observe slight variations in color.  Color of beads are subject to fade due to natural dyes.

Eleven has a special value in numerology because it is said to be a master number. The number eleven is also a number of opposites. It can symbolize the balance of female + male energies.
The balance of hard work and relaxation, emotion and stoicism, and any other opposites you can think of that need to stay in balance. In the Justice Card, the number eleven represents balance, duality, wisdom + enlightenment.

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