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✨ How I Learned to Feel Good From the Inside Out! ✨

✨ How I Learned to Feel Good From the Inside Out! ✨
Fourteen years ago, I embarked on a long journey to 'know thyself,' eventually transitioning from the corporate world to co-create eleven with my partner. What began as a passion project has evolved into a deeply spiritual journey. Over the last 18 months, I was called to go more deeply into our 

 mantra, 'FEEL GOOD FROM THE INSIDE OUT,' to embody this practice. I want to share an outline of the Three Pillars of Wellness that has taken me much more deeply to embody the words.




The BODY👤👤:  Our physical well-being relies on nourishing food, quality sleep, and regular movement. These elements form the foundation of our health, linking us to vital energy points like the sacral chakra. Every morsel of food and sip of hydration becomes the building blocks of our body, organs, and skin. They serve as fuel and energy, powering both our physical and mental faculties while maintaining our creativity and emotional balance. 

The choices we make regarding our diet and lifestyle not only influence how we feel today but also shape our future health. While perfection isn't necessary, striving for 85% to 90% adherence to healthy practices can significantly impact individuals of all ages. This journey entails recognizing the intricate interconnectedness of our bodily systems and treating our body as a sacred vessel. 


THE MIND 🧠: Cultivating a positive mindset, practicing mindfulness, concentration, focus, listening skills, learning new things, and fostering meaningful connections are essential to mental clarity and growth. These practices align our thoughts and emotions, creating a harmonious inner landscape. I learned that my mind needed more training, and as I looked to empty it of thoughts, organize and let go of the past, and be in the moment, it had much more room to be creative, relaxed, focused, and to work more in a state of flow.


 THE HEART 💚: As the bridge to higher consciousness, the heart chakra governs our capacity to give and receive love and align with our dharma (purpose) and spiritual connections. Expressing compassion, self-love, and nurturing connections opens us to joy and gratitude, enhancing our voice tone and vibration. Speaking from the heart center fosters genuine authenticity and connection, embodying generosity, kindness, learning nonjudgment, and finding peace + stillness. Activating our hearts creates optimistic energy for ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet. 


*As I explored the pillars, I realized I wanted to activate my heart and understand what it meant to open this chakra. This was the most transformative work. It opened my heart and mind to a new way of being and has changed my relationships with others and myself to be more relaxed and at ease.*



When these  energy points align in the same direction, they create prana, or  ⚡️ life force, becoming the driving force behind our life's journey. Nurturing the body, heart, and mind in tandem activates a higher consciousness, aligning our thoughts, actions, and vibrations to amplify energy, focus, creativity, and joy. I like to say this is "BECOMING THE REAL YOU."  💪



Socrates' famous dictum, "Know thyself," was his belief that we could all attain wisdom and make better decisions through self-inquiry, making life more fulfilling and purposeful.🥰


Along this journey, the most important thing I learned is not to take myself or others so seriously, to laugh, be honest, speak from my heart, breathe from the belly, be grateful, be present, and most of all, to LET GO




At eleven, we're committed to creating products and a community that supports "FEELING GOOD FROM THE INSIDE OUT.". Join us as we explore the depths of our being and share what brings you joy along the way.


#ElevenTLC #InnerWellness #FeelGoodFromTheInsideOut"

Kind regards,
HW Harris

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