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Ceremonial Matcha Powder
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Matcha is the answer for hours of calm, clear-headed energy. It contains caffeine, a high concentration of L-theanine + way more antioxidants than regular green tea.

Organic Cermonial Grade

 We've sourced ours from the preeminent matcha cultivator in the Uji region. Stone-ground from the youngest leaves stems, and veins removed, our organic ceremonial grade matcha delivers both optimal taste and good clean energy.

Clean, Efficient Energy

Packed with a high concentration of L-theanine — which regulates caffeine uptake — our matcha delivers a smooth buzz that won’t leave you jittery. 

Good Gut Feeling

Our organic ceremonial-grade matcha helps kick your metabolism into full gear. A healthy metabolism means more energy and better digestion.


We buy our matcha powder directly from Uji, Japan, where growers have cultivated matcha for thousands of years. We wish we didn’t have to say this, but our matcha is both organic and non-GMO. It’s the only way to go.

1/2 Tsp

40 servings

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