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What is an adaptogen? ->

Adaptogens are plants based herbs filled with complex compounds that help your body overcome a wide range of stressors (including physical, mental, emotional, and environmental while helping to restore balance on a cellular level to your body so it's functioning at its optimal level. Although many plants and herbs can be beneficial, it takes a special kind to be considered a true adaptogen. Here are 3 essential criteria that separate adaptogens from the rest.

1. An adaptogen increases the body's resistance to a wide range of stressors including physical (lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies), mental (work stress, media overload), emotional, (relationships, anxiety, and environmental (weather, pollution, extreme living conditions.) Thus, helping our body "adapt" to stress.

2. An adaptogen has a normalizing (aka balancing) effect on the body, especially in your cardiovascular, immune, and glandular systems. i.e. whether the thyroid gland is overactive or under-active, an adaptogen can help down-regulate or up-regulate it to bring it back to a balanced state. Because of this ability to move bi-directionally depending on your body, they are often referred to as "plants with intelligence."

3. Lastly, an adaptogen is nontoxic to the body. Basically, they are safe to take every day with little to no harmful effects o the body. Hurray! So whether you're feeling depleted, stressed, fatigued, or unfocused, adaptogens can help you feel less stressed, combat fatigue and enhance overall vitality and energy, and bring your body back into balance so you can feel like the best version of yourself.


While all adaptogens help your body deal with stress, every adaptogen has a unique personality and its own set of amazing benefits. Some are more stimulating (like Rhodiola and Asian Ginseng), some are more balancing (like Ashwagandha), and others are more calming and soothing (like Reishi + Gotu Kola.) Depending on the adaptogen you're taking, some help increase energy levels, enhance cognitive function, elevate mood, strengthen immunity, balance hormones, improve digestion, and more. Adaptogenic herbs act in non-specific ways to increase resistance to stress, without disturbing normal biological functions.


Herbs are good sources of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that also happen to boost energy levels, fight stress, promote health, all without harmful side effects. No wonder there's so much interest. According to Gallup's data, over 55% of those polled were stressed. Americans now rank worldwide as the most stressed nations, contributing to health problems, poor relationships, and lost productivity at work. More than ever, people are looking for additional support to offset the challenges of daily life.


Any plant can cause allergic or gastrointestinal distress for some people. There is little evidence to suggest that adaptogens have serious side effects or cause health problems. It is possible that some adaptogens can interfere with prescription medications and are not recommended for people with certain conditions. Consult your physician for health concerns or any questions before taking.

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